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Dr. Fred R Bakht, Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physician, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Corporate Occupational Medical Services

Improve the health of your company one employee at a time with corporate occupational health solutions from The Center For Occupational Medicine.

As a Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physician with decades of experience, Dr. Bakht is uniquely qualified to provide corporate medical services for your business. He is a leading provider of occupational medicine in Houston that has served a variety of industries, including the oil and gas industry.

Dr. Bakht’s philosophy is to pay attention to the whole patient helping to faciliate physically, mentally and emotional healing. This approach helps to foster more productive workers that are fully fit for even the most demanding work environments.

Your employees are the most valuable asset of your business. Partnering with The Center For Occupational Medicine makes the health, wellbeing and productivity of your workforce a top priority.

Corporate Occupational Services in Houston

The Center For Occupational Medicine is equipped with the testing equipment needed to ensure employees are ready for the job. Our corporate occupational services in Houston include:

  • Pre-Employment Physicals
  • Injured employee treatment and return to work evaluations
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) services
  • Vision Testing
  • Audiology/Hearing Testing
  • Spirometry Testing
  • Alcohol Screening
  • EKG & Cardiac Stress Testing/Treadmill Stress Testing
  • Complete Lab Services for blood draws and urine drug screens
  • Drug Testing (urine & hair)
  • X-Ray services conveniently close by 
  • Global international immunizations and travel advice

In addition to our own facilities, we have partnered with local imaging centers to expand our services. As a result, we are able to order advanced MRI and CT scans with board-certified radiologists.

Industry-Specific Corporate Occupational Health Exams

The Center For Occupational Medicine also offers a variety of industry-specific corporate occupational health solutions. We comply with  specialized exam protocls that take into account the unique environments and stressors of workers in demanding industries to guarantee they are fit for the job.

These services include:

Work with a team that has experience practicing occupational medicine in Houston that can help you find the best employees for your corporation’s unique needs.

Corporate Occupational Health Consulting

Not sure what measures should be taken to improve the health of your workforce? As a Medical Review Officer and occupational medicine specialist, Dr. Bakht can advise corporate leaders and provide industry-specific medical consultations.

With Dr. Bakht as your personal medical advisor, you can feel more comfortable knowing that the health initiatives you put in place are based on best practices that get positive results. Dr. Bakht's experience as a corporate medical director can work with your Health Safety Environmental (HSE) staff to:

  • Help prevent injuries before they happen.
  • Provide safety training for employees.
  • Create effective wellness training programs.
  • Ensure safety compliance at worksites.
  • Identify best practices for your specific workplace.
  • Reduce ergonomic risks.

You’ll also receive guidance on which occupational medical services provide the most benefit to both your employees and company.

Training That Aides in Injury and Treatment Prevention for Houston Employees

The Center For Occupational Medicine focuses on the health of each individual employee and the workforce as a whole. We take your unique work environment and risk factors into account to create training that will keep employees safe.

Wellness Education and Programs
When employees are educated on wellness, treatment as prevention is possible. This type of training gives employees the tools they need to protect their health on and off the clock.

Safety Training
Making sure each employee has proper safety training is critical for preventing injury. We can work with you to identify the training measures that need to be taken with each job role.

Ergonomics Best Practices
Improper ergonomics is a source of injury in all workplaces. We’ll make ergonomic assessments and then train your employees to use evidence-based ergonomic best practices. Better industrial ergonomics reduces minor and major injuries along with avoidable costs.

Corporate Medical Services for Injured Workers

Dr. Bakht can get injured employees back to work and better than ever. Our clinic can diagnose injuries, treat a wide variety of work-related injuries, create medical plans and aid in the rehabilitation process.

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