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Dr. Fred R Bakht, Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physician, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Pre-Employment Health Screening for Offshore Employees

Offshore physical exams including UKOOA and OGUK medical tests.

Occupations that require working offshore are among the most strenuous. They are both physically and mentally demanding jobs. Because of this, offshore medical exams are needed to ensure an employee is healthy and prepared for work out on the water in extreme conditions.

The Center For Occupational Medicine provides pre-employment health screenings specifically for the oil and gas industry.

  • Exams in accordance with occupational health standards
  • Job-specific tests
  • Consideration of environmental and workplace factors
  • Tests conducted by a board-certified Occupational Medicine physician

Don’t wait until employees are on the rig to discover they aren’t fit for the job. Get efficient, thorough offshore medical exams that tell you who is mentally and physically able to get the job done.

Offshore Medical Exams for US and UK Oil Companies

Our team regularly conducts pre-employment health screenings for the oil and gas industry. We’ve worked with a number of U.S.-based companies that are located in the Houston area and beyond. The Center For Occupational Medicine is also one of the few OGUK medical centers in Houston that can clear an offshore employee for work in U.K. waters or the North Sea. 

No matter where you work offshore, The Center For Occupational Medicine can provide the physical exams you need to get and stay employed.

Testing That Meets OGUK Medical Requirements

Our experienced team conducts OGUK medical exams that protect employees and minimize offshore medical cost for companies by covering all of the requirements. We understand the importance that these requirements play in protecting everyone. Our thorough exams are ideal for job candidates, new hires, transfer employees and workers who are returning to duty following an injury or illness.

OGUK medical requirements include:

  • Completion of health questions regarding smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Answer questions about past and current health problems
  • Urinalysis
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements
  • Vision tests
  • Hearing test
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Test for lung function
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Tests for infectious diseases

ECG/Cardiac stress test/further laboratory Tests may be required in specific situations. The offshore physical exams are valid for two years. After that employees will need another exam to continue working offshore.

Some crew members may be required to have other medical evaluations depending on their job role. We can also perform additional offshore physical exams based on the company’s individual guidelines.

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