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Dr. Fred R Bakht, Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physician, Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Houston Independent Medical Examinations

Workers compensation, disability claim, and personal injury litigation services from a certified independent medical examiner in Houston.

The Center For Occupational Medicine is your single-source solution for independent medical assessments. Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physician Dr. Bakht works with corporations and insurance companies to diagnose work-related or onsite injuries, peer review medical records and provide work readiness physicals for employees that have recovered from an injury.

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Houston Independent Medical Examination for Personal Injury Litigation

No company wants to have to go through personal injury litigation. If you find yourself in that tough position it’s critical to enlist the services of independent medical examination doctors.

The team at The Center For Occupational Medicine can:

  • Complete independent medical evaluations
  • Review medical files to determine if treatments are medically necessary
  • Create comprehensive medical reports for litigation
  • Provide medical guidance for appropriate treatment

Independent Medical Evaluations in Houston for Disability Claims and FMLA-related Injuries

Our independent medical examination doctors can also assist with disability claims and FMLA-related injuries. The Center For Occupational Medicine can help you settle claims quickly by resolving questions and reviewing the determinations of treating doctors.

Make sure your company isn’t paying for unnecessary medical treatments or an inaccurate assessment with a state-compliant independent medical evaluation from a certification doctor.

Job Readiness Independent Medical Evaluations

After an injury, it’s important to make sure that your employee is truly fit to come back to work. Independent medical exam companies like The Center For Occupational Medicine can provide valuable services to ensure employees can perform their jobs safely and avoid additional injuries.

Dr. Bakht can perform a variety of industry-specific, job readiness independent medical evaluations, including:

  • General employment clearance physicals
  • Offshore exams (including UK Oil and Gas /UKOOA)
  • Seafarer exams

Our quantifiable testing is thorough, compliant, lowers liability risk, and keeps employees safe on the job.

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